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Smile Line Treatment

What is Smile Line Treatment?


Smile lines, also referred to as the nasolabial folds, run from each side of the nose down to each corner of the mouth. Just like other facial lines that are a common concern for lots of people, they become deeper and more noticeable as we age but don't worry! We offer a dermal filler treatment that can soften these lines, giving you a much more youthful appearance!

How many treatments are necessary?


Although one treatment can be enough for most clients, more maybe required depending on the depth of the lines we're treating. We can discuss this during your consultation where we can look properly in person.


Is the treatment painful?


Again, this varies between clients as some are simply more sensitive but we use a topical numbing cream before every treatment, this numbs the skin surface before we start. The Dermal Filler that we use also contains lidocaine which is a pain relief ingredient. This keeps clients a lot more comfortable during the procedure and its very rare that anyone has a problem with the pain.

How long does the treatment last?

The dermal fillers can last from three to six months in this area but it varies between clients depending on lifestyle and metabolism etc.


Who is suitable for treatment?


The following are some common reasons why you may want to consider this procedure:


  • Static lines are visible with no facial expression

  • You feel that the lines are getting increasingly deeper


*Please Note: Results may vary from person to person


Standard filler:

0.7ml - £130

1ml - £150

Premium filler:

0.7ml - £150

1ml - £190